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The world
The Earth's movement
Latitude and Longitude
Time differences
Ocean features
Climates CLimatic phenomena
Map projections
Oceans/seas of the world
Other coastal features
Maps, St. Lawrence Seaway, Panama Canal, Suez Canal, Kiel Canal, Straits of Hormuz
Trade and Commodities

Trades - sea
Trades - air
International trade

Export control
Transport documentation
Bonds and guarantees
Contracts of affreightment
Charter parties
Time charter hire
Carriage by road
Carriage by rail
Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance and trade
Effecting Insurance
Insurable interest
Utmost good faith
The new marine policy form
Claims Practice
Marine Insurance Act 1906

Marine Insurance
Insurable interest
Insurable value
Disclosure and representations
The policy
Double insurance
Warranties, etc
The voyage
Assignment of policy
The premium
Marine Insurance Act 1906

Loss and Abandonment
Partial losses
Measure of indemnity
Rights of insurer on payment
Return of premium
Mutual insurance
First schedule
Second schedule
Aviation market practice

Historical survey
Principles of aviation insurance
Links with other branches of insurance
Market organizations
Aviation insurance underwriting and rating
Loss adjusting and surveying
Structure of the aviation insurance market
Specialist aviation insurers
Aviation placing practice
The use of slips
Aviation Law

Historical developments
International reulations
Statutes and rules
Case law
Legal liability of transport operators
International flights
The Warsaw Convention 1929
Gold francs
The Hague Protocol
The Montreal Agreement 1966
The Guatemala Protocol
Montreal Additional protocols
Special drawing rights
Malta Group
Non-international (domestic) flights
Chicago Convetion 1944
International Civil Aviation Organisation
International Air Transport Association
Rome Convention 1952
Tokyo Convention 1963
Hague Convention 1970
Montreal Convention Act 1971
Tokyo Convention Act 1967
Hijacking Act 1971
Protection of Aircraft Act 1973
Civil Aviation Act 1971
Appendices conventions and protocols

Warsaw Convention
Hague Protocol 1955
Montreal Agreement CAB 18900
Guatemala Protocol, 1971
Table of limits
Aviation Policy Forms and Conditions

Policy conditions
Specialist risks
Space insurance
Aviation clauses
The theory of International Trade

Factors of Production
The theory of Comparative Cost
The protection of Trade and Industry
Economoics of Scale in Shipping and Business

Economics of Scale
Business Units
Methods of growth
Sea Transport and World Trade

Direction of World Trade
The theory of International Trade
Restrictions on Imports
Demand for Shipping Services

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