Every business concern must be able to carry out its market..............to control in terms of market coverage and patronage of its products and services.

A. Loss
B. Shares
C. None of the above
D. Profit.

What is the right answer please

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2020/2021 past Question

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State five instrument which the central bank can use to control the activities of the commercial bank

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question and answers on physics chemistry biology English

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How will I become professional in my work

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Automatic machine and repair

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1: what is often used as the barometer for measuring the quality of an item
2: in selling the management would be ____oriented
3: the_____concepts holds that a pure marketing concepts overlooks possible conflicts between short run customer wants and long run customer welfare

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Which of the following options is incorrect?

Politics and economics are co-joined in many ways.

Political stability is a condition for economic stability.

None of the above.

Economic stability is a condition for political stability.

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Mass media ethics
1. Discuss the Cardinal principles of all code of ethics for the practice of public relation
2. What are the defences open to the journalist accused of invading someone's privacy

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