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You can now sell your old and current past question papers to thousands of Nigerian students visiting our website daily.

Here are what you can sell:

  1. Federal Universities Department Question Papers
  2. State Universities Department Question Papers
  3. Private Universities Department Question Papers
  4. Federal Polytechnics Department Question Papers
  5. State Polytechnics Department Question Papers
  6. Private Polytechnics Department Question Papers
  7. Colleges of Agricuture Department Question Papers
  8. Colleges of Education Department Question Papers
  9. Health Technology and Allied Instituties Department Question Papers
  10. Monotechnics Department Question Papers
  11. Entrance Exam Papers - WEAC, NECO, POST-UTME, NECO, and more
  12. Professional Exam Past Question Papers
  13. Interview/Test Exam Papers for all Govenment Agencies, Banks, Companies and more

Compile all old and current past question papers from various departments/fields of study for 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L, 700L, 800L. Start uploading them now and start making money on every of your download.

Document guidelines

  1. Document must be clear and clean
  2. Word document or PDF format is most preferrable
  3. Your past question paper must have - exam year, level, institution, title/subject, course code, department

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The fastest way to scan your past question papers into pdf is by using CamScanner mobile app. Download on Google play store. Follow the simple instructions to begin scanning immediately.


  1. Smart phone
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  3. Internet connectivity

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